Loss of connection – slot machines

Book of Ra™ deluxe and Lucky Lady’s Charm™ deluxe are examples of slot machines.

If a game crashes on your PC, the game window is closed or the connection is lost prior to the conclusion of a round (e.g. bonus games, super games or the like are still to be played or winnings were not transferred to your balance), the game is continued on our server until the end of the round or until all of the bonus games or super games are used up.

Should our server crash, the likely win at the time of the crash is credited to your player account as voluntary compensation from us. This amount is transferred to your player account within two hours of the server crashing.
Your potential winnings or losses are therefore always calculated correctly, even when an unforeseeable event occurs.

Loss of connection – single-player games

American Poker II and Blackjack are examples of single-player games.

For a game to be recorded as won, the game has to be won in accordance with the corresponding game rules.

If you lose your connection to the server, you have the chance to return to the game providing enough time remains on the game clock. The clock continues ticking while you are gone. If the game ends before you manage to return, the last point score recorded is counted.

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