Slots are classic slot machines also known as one-armed bandits. In most cases, they feature several reels, rolls or rows fitted with different symbols. In most slots, win lines run across the reels in various patterns, and in many games you can select how many of these win lines are active when you play. Your stake per round depends on the number of active win lines.

To play a round on a slot machine you must place a bet, spin the reels and wait until they stop.

You win if matching symbols land in the right order. In most cases, the right order depends on how the win lines run across the reels; however, there are slot machines with different mechanics, including all-pay slots without win lines. You can always find detailed information on how to win on a slot machine in the help section of each game or in the game under “Paytable”.

What are Joker and Wild symbols?

Normally, all symbols in a slot game have to comply with specific rules to form a winning combination. Joker and Wild symbols are exceptions. They can substitute for most game symbols to complete winning combinations.

What are Scatter symbols?

Provided enough of them appear on the reels, Scatter symbols win without having to land in any particular sequence. That means that don’t normally have to land on a specific win line. Moreover, certain Scatter combinations can trigger Free Games.

What are Free Games, Bonus Games and Feature Games?

Free Games or Bonus Games are extra spins that you can enjoy without having to place a stake. They often feature higher chances of winning thanks to multipliers that are only available in such games.
Feature Games can vary tremendously from one game to the next, and they also grant you a free spin of the reels with special chances of winning. You can find detailed information on the bonus options available in a game in the help section of each game or in the game itself under “Paytable”.

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