In our shop you can purchase small, medium, large and extra-large Twist packs at very reasonable prices.

Enter the GameTwist shop by clicking on the “Shop” button.



1. Switch between the Twist packs and Boosters available.
2. Your current VIP status and further details on the VIP system.
3. Your free Shop Bonus which you can collect every eight hours.
4. The regular number of Twists in the pack.
5. The current Twist Bonus you’ll get when purchasing the pack.
6. The total number of Twist you’ll receive when purchasing the pack (including the bonus dis-played and your VIP Bonus).
7. The number of VIP points and Stamps you’ll receive when purchasing the pack.
8. The price of the pack. Click on this button to select the pack and continue to the payment screen.
9. Your Stamps collected to date.

Take your pick from the packs offered and select your preferred payment method to complete your purchase.

Should important details needed to complete a transaction be missing from your profile, you will be required to submit them before completing your purchase. (Please also note the change in the law for EU citizens below.)

After you have completed the transaction, your Twist pack will be credited to your player account immediately and be ready to use.

Happy gaming!

Note to all players with a main residence within the European Union (EU)
On 01.01.2015, a new EU-wide law regarding the calculation of value added tax (VAT) came into effect, which stipulates that you must provide your main residence for us to verify. For this reason, all players from the EU must completely and correctly fill in their phone number, address and country.

This change, however, does not affect the final billing amount when buying Twists!

I cannot redeem my E-mail Bonus