Bingo is a classic game of chance with numbers. If you want to play Bingo on GameTwist, your first stop has to be Latin Bingo – a Bingo slot variant which is hugely popular in South America.

You can play with up to four cards that are covered with numbers. Once you have placed your bet, the main draw of the Bingo balls is started and the winning numbers are drawn. If the numbers drawn match those on your cards, they are highlighted. And you’ll be a winner if the numbers form one or more Bingo patterns.

You can play one main draw of Bingo balls for every stake you place. In some Bingo versions, you can also take extra balls after the main draw. Such ‘extra balls’ normally require you to place a further stake; however, this depends on the chances of winning. The following rules apply: The lower your current winning chance, the lower the required stake (extra balls are often offered free in such cases); the higher your current winning chance, the higher your stake for the next extra ball.

Bonus Games in Bingo

In some Bingo variants, you have the chance to trigger a bonus game by completing a specific pattern. A bonus game has two features:

  • You do not have to place a stake for the game.
  • You receive a bonus win.

You can find detailed information on which bonus options are available in a game in the help section of each game or in the game itself under “Paytable”.

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