Slot Races are temporary tournaments in which you play for points according to specified criteria. Compete with other players in real time and achieve winnings in the participating slot games to earn points and qualify for one of the impressive rewards.


  1. Switch between the Races currently taking place.
  2. The colour of this symbol denotes the duration of the Race displayed.
    – Blue: Flash Race – short Events lasting between ten minutes and three hours.
    – Purple: Daily Race – daily Slot Races that begin at midnight and end at 23:59.
    – Green: Weekly Race – weekly Slot Races that run from 00:00 on Monday until 23:59 on Sun-day.
    – Red: Special Race – special Events held, for example, on public holidays, with varying dura-tions.
  3. How points will be awarded in the Race displayed.
    – Bigger is Better = Big Win
    The higher your winnings in relation to your stakes, the more points you receive.
    – Lucky Streak = Win Streak
    The more winnings you achieve in a row, the more points you receive.
    – Break the Bank = Total Winnings
    The bigger your total winnings during the Race, the more points you receive.
    – Spin Star = Number of Spins
    – The more spins you play, the more points you receive.
  4. The number of potential winners in the Race displayed.
  5. The time remaining in the Race shown.
  6. Further details about the displayed Race and how points are awarded.
  7. The best player at present and your own ranking.
  8. The reward the player will receive if they hold on to their current position.
  9. The current points total of the player.
  10. The games available in the displayed Race.
  11. The results of recent Races.
  12. Upcoming Races.
Bonus & Promotions