“XP points” means experience points. On GameTwist, you receive these points as a reward when you play games and place stakes. Once you have collected a certain number of XP points, you move up to the next level and are rewarded with a bonus.

1) Your current level.
2) Your current XP, shown as a progress bar. Once the bar is full, you move up to the next level.

Your experience level affects the size of your bonus credits, such as the Daily Bonus and the Time Bonus. At certain levels, the maximum amount you can stake in slots also increases. This amount is your MaxBet. The higher your stakes, the higher your winnings!

Please note: You CANNOT collect XP points in skill games and games from the developer Abzorba.

In your level overview you can see the bonus for your next level-up and find out at which level your MaxBet will next increase.

Moreover, you receive an extra bonus with each level-up.

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