What is the VIP Club?

The VIP Club is a reward system to thank you for your loyalty.
As soon as you get your first Twist pack, you’ll receive VIP points and automatically become a member of the VIP Club. If you make at least one purchase per month, you’ll keep your VIP status or move to a higher level.

Depending on your VIP status, more benefits could be available to you. For example, you’ll receive bigger Time Bonuses and Daily Bonuses, while purchasing Twist packs is rewarded with extra Twists. Also, the interval between Time Bonuses is shorter.

The VIP Club is free of charge. Your VIP status is determined by your Twist purchases. There are no membership fees.

Please see your player account details for further information about your VIP status and potential rewards.

  1. Current VIP status.
  2. Current VIP points tally.
  3. VIP points required to attain the next VIP status.
  4. Your current VIP points progress for the next VIP status as a percentage.
  5. The date when your VIP status will be downgraded. If you buy a Twist pack in the shop during the month before your downgrade is due, your VIP status will not be downgraded but carried over to next month.
  6. Click the button to see more information about the rewards linked to each VIP status.

VIP points are only used to determine your VIP status and the related benefits. VIP points cannot be exchanged for Twists or XP points.

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