There are two different ways to find a particular game.

1) Direct search
Enter the title of the game you are looking for in the search field. Even if you are not sure about the exact title of the game, the search will list all results that contain the word you enter.

2) Last Played and Favourites
These filter options take you directly to the games you played last and those you have added to your list of favourites. Scroll down to find out how to add your favourite games to your list of favourites.

3) Search according to game type
By clicking the corresponding button, you can view all available games of a specific type, for example all slot games or skill games.

1) Filters games according to selected category. This enables you, for example, to find every slot game that features a jackpot, or filter the skill games to display those played with cards.

2) Lists the search results alphabetically or according to popularity.

Adding games to favourites

Clicking the heart symbol next to the game icons or in the games themselves adds them to your favourites list, making them easier to find and start playing.

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