GameTwist rewards you for many of your activities with Twist credits that you can use for gaming to your heart’s content.

In principle, there is no difference between Twists received from Twist credits and Twist packs bought in our shop (see also “Buying Twists”).

Bonus Twists are awarded for the following:

– Bonus credit following your registration:
As soon as you have confirmed your e-mail address, your Twist Bonus will be credited to your player account, meaning you can start playing our games straight away.

– Daily Bonus:
You receive the Daily Bonus once a day after you have logged in to your player account. The bonus depends on your experience level and your VIP status, and it is credited to your account as soon as you have spun the Wheel of Fortune.


Please remember that the Daily Bonus increases when you log in to your player account on five consecutive days.

– Time Bonus:
On GameTwist you receive the Twist Time Bonus every two hours, provided you collect it before it expires. When your Time Bonus is ready for collection, it will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the website. Simply click on the bonus to collect it.


Once you have collected the bonus, the countdown for the next one is displayed.


Again, your experience level and VIP status have a positive effect on the size of your bonus. Moreover, the higher your VIP status is, the shorter the interval is until the next Time Bonus is available (see also “VIP Club”).

– Level-up Bonus:
We reward you for levelling up with Bonus Twists! For more details, see “Level and XP Points”.


– Shop Bonus:
Head to the shop to collect your Shop Bonus. This bonus is available every eight hours.


In the shop you’ll also find information on your

– Stamp Bonus:
For every purchase of a Twist pack, you’ll receive a Stamp. Collect five Stamps within 30 days to fill up your Stamp Card and you’ll receive a Twist Bonus!


Please note that your Stamp Card is only valid for 30 days from the moment you receive your first Stamp. If you do not fill it up before the time expires, all Stamps collected will be forfeited.
Once a Stamp Card is completed or lost, a new one will be activated as soon as you make your next Twist purchase.

– Newsletter:
Newsletter subscribers are the lucky ones. Not only are they always up to date regarding game launches, but they also receive a host of personal bonus promotions.

– Facebook:
More information about current bonus promotions and further bonuses is available in our Facebook group.

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