Booster packs grant you exclusive benefits for a limited period of time.

You can choose from two different Boosters:
XP Booster
While this Booster is active, you receive 50% more XP points for each spin in any slot game. The XP Booster is ideal if you want to level up faster.
Time Bonus Booster
When this Booster is active, you get 50% more Twists for each Time Bonus that you collect. Therefore, this Booster is useful for active gaming sessions – for example, when you have a day off and you have plenty of time for gaming and collecting bonuses.

Boosters can be purchased for a small price in the shop. Simply enter the shop and click on the tab “Boosters”:


The duration of a Booster depends on the Booster pack.

You can see your activated XP Booster in your level bar. Click on it to find out how much longer it will be active:


If you activate a Time Bonus Booster, the icon of your Time Bonus changes:

You can extend an active Booster by buying the same Booster pack again. The duration of the new Booster pack is added to the remaining time of the active Booster.

Of course, you can activate the XP Booster and the Time Bonus Booster simultaneously.

Buying Twists