Loss of connection – multiplayer games

For a game to be recorded as won, the game has to be won in accordance with the corresponding game rules. In addition, the winner must maintain a connection to the game server throughout the game.

If you lose your connection, you’ll have two minutes to return to the game. If you manage to return in time, there are no consequences, providing you were not thrown out of the game by another player for exceeding the time limit for a move. If you are thrown out or you exceed the two-minute time limit, your moves will be made by the computer, which has the skill of an average player. Nevertheless, you still have the option to return to the current game.

If you, after having returned to the game, or the computer win the game in accordance with the respective game rules, the game does not count. Otherwise, the game is recorded as lost. If both players lose their connection during the game, the game also does not count.

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