GameTwist strives to provide a friendly and relaxed gaming environment. As with any community, there are certain rules of conduct. And these rules apply in games and the chat (which is available in all skill games) to ensure that the joint gaming experience is positive.

The following offences are deemed violations of the rules on GameTwist and will be punished accordingly:

  • Pretending to be an administrator/employee
  • Pretending to be another player
  • Misusing a player account that is not yours
  • Spreading rumours about other players/administrators/employees
  • Entering inappropriate nicknames (for example discriminatory or politically incorrect names)
  • Harassing/abusing/insulting other players/employees
  • Posting racist/sexist/other politically incorrect statements
  • Bothering other players with advertising spam/meaningless combinations of letters, etc.
  • Cheating (getting points unfairly)
  • Assisting cheating
  • Creating additional player accounts for cheating
  • Violating of any of our T&Cs not listed here

The chat and game records are diligently examined by the GameTwist team. Violations of the rules of conduct can lead to players being temporarily or permanently blocked from posting messages in the chat. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, violations can also result in players being temporary or permanently blocked from using the gaming platform.

Ignore list

If you have had an unpleasant encounter with another player and wish to prevent this from happening again, you have the option of adding this player to your ignore list. Simply click on the nickname of the player in question in the lobby or the game lobby and select “Ignore”.


If you wish to stop ignoring a player, click on his/her nickname and then “Notice”.


Move clock in skill games

When playing skill games, each player has one-and-a-half or two minutes (depending on the game) to make his/her move. If a player exceeds this time without doing anything at all, he/she can be removed from the game.


Random number generator
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